Pro-Min-D w/Elk Antler


After 5 years of research and development we are launching a new product:

Pro-Min-D© with Elk Antler

Joint Health, Protein and Mineral supplement for Dogs

(No Dairy, Soy or Wheat)

 Protein Nutritional Supplement For Dogs for All Sizes and Ages.

All Natural, no additives, chemical or preservatives added.

Protein and Minerals play an important role in a dog’s health, body size, muscle development and intelligence.

Our ProMin-D supplement is a 45/45 mix of US beef and Utah mined minerals and 10% Elk Antler, 100% sourced in the US.

Our Organic Minerals contains the same minerals found in dog’s blood.

How to use: Once a day a small pinch for a small dog and a larger pinch for a large dog. Just sprinkle on dog food to enhance flavor and ensure your pet will get what they need on a daily basis.


Joint Health:  Elk Antler (ground)

Key source of:  Glucosamine, Chondroitin for bone and joint support and as an anti-inflammatory to reduce pain and improve joint function

Protein:  Roasted Beef Lung and Liver Protein from US cattle:

Crude Protein                       <60%

Moisture                              >15%

Crude Fat                             <8%

Crude Fiber                          <1%

Minerals:  100% Organic Macro mined in Utah

Salt                                       91.00%

Calcium                                0.35%        

Sulfur                                    0.07%        

Magnesium                          0.06%        

Potassium                             0.03%        

Phosphorus                           0.002%

Iron                                       300 ppm

Iodine                                   10 ppm

Manganese                          5 ppm

Copper                                 3 ppm

Zinc                                      1 ppm


Micro Organic Minerals <1%

Aluminum                 Gallium                     Scandium

Antimony                  Germanium              Selenium

Arsenic                      Gold                          Silicon

Barium                      Hafnium                    Silver

Beryllium                  Indium                       Strontium

Bismuth                     Lanthanum                Tantalum

Boron                        Lead                          Tellurium

Bromine                    Lithium                      Thallium

Cadmium                  Lutetium                   Thorium

Carbon                      Mercury                    Thulium

Cerium                      Molybdenum            Tin

Cesium                      Nickel                        Titanium

Chromium                 Niobium                    Tungsten

Cobalt                       Praseodymium          Vanadium

Dysporsium               Rubidium                  Ytterbium

Fluoride                     Ruthenium                Yttrium

Gadolinium               Samarium                 Zirconium

Other Product(s) Ingredients

  • Buddys products are from such manufacturers as McCormick, Kraft, COSTCO, HEB and other providers of premium foodstuffs
  • Our exact product makeup may vary due to various suppliers providing our ingredients, changes in manufacturing or processes we use; however we employ only the best premium natural products available
  • Products are slow smoked up to 36 hours in our own on-site smokers
  • While many of our products include human grade products, it is not for consumption by humans
  • Our products are manufactured by us on 17 Oaks Ranch, Boerne, Tx facility
  • Our meat products are USDA Certified for Human Consumption
  • We insource our raw material from Texas and are a Certified GoTexan company
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We use NO:

  • Artificial coloring agents or dyes or additives
  • MSG or other seasonings
  • Soy, Wheat, Barley or Corn meals or flours [except in our Beefminals which are human food grade children's animal crackers]
  • Chemicals or preservatives
  • Dairy [except our REAL cheese products]
  • Gluten free
  • Fillers
  • Foreign products

While shelf live varies, all of our products have a shelf live of at least 6 months if kept cool and dry (no refrigeration required), treat as any food product.

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