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Meat Cutz – bag

Meat Cutz – bag


Simply dried chicken or beef and nothing else.  These crispy meaty dog treats soften up in a dog’s mouth and are and easy to eat. Great for training

Keep cool and dry in a jar or a sealed bag no need to refrigerate.

Meat Cutz come in a bag of about 24 meaty cubes per Bag in your choice of beef or chicken.

Our Meat Cutz are the ideal treat for puppies or older dogs who may not have many teeth or are struggling with dental issues. They are made from top quality beef or chicken – simply dried with no nasty stuff.

BUDDY’S BONUS TIP: These make great little training treats as they are clean, dry and non greasy making them easy to handle and keep in a bag in your pocket or purse

Keep in a cool and dry place like in a jar or sealed bag. No refrigeration needed. Please use within 6 months to ensure freshness

Each of our Meat Cutz come in little cubes about 3/4″ in size of beef or chicken.

An order of Meat Cutz is for a bag of your choice of chicken or beef and comes with about 24 delicious Mest Cutz dog treats to a bag.

Meat Flavor

Chicken, Beef

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