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Pork Linkz


All natural 100% genuine pork sausages, smoked to perfection to bring out all of the delicious pork flavors. These make into great dog treats.

No refrigeration needed. Keep cool and dry in a jar or sealed bag.

An order of Pork Linkz includes 6 pork sausage dog treats, each about 3 inches long.

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For the lovers of pork sausage, we have the perfect dog treat for you! Our Pork Linkz are made of the finest free-range pork available! We take our links of breakfast sausage and we smoke them with our mesquite wood chips for 24 hours to ensure that every link is packed full of flavor! We can’t promise but many cat owners have told us their cats like our Pork Linkz.

BUDDY’S BONUS TIP: These are a treat not your dog’s dinner! You don’t need to give your dog the whole sausage link. Even for our 90lb Bloodhound we break one in half and half again. These make a great “good boy/girl” treats and if you are training you can pinch off very small pieces to make “bait”.

Keep cool and dry in a jar or sealed bag. No refrigeration needed, but may be frozen. Please use within 6 months to ensure freshness

An order of Pork Linkz is for 6 pork dog treats each about 3 inches long.

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