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Knee Capz

Knee Capz


Kneecaps from all-natural grass-fed, free range American cattle, slow-roasted for maximum flavor. Great treat for smaller dogs, this is single ingredient treat, offering a very long chew time. For smaller breed dogs.

No refrigeration needed.

An order of Knee Capz is 1 or 5 pieces of knee cap chew bone about 3 inches in diameter on average.

Our Knee Capz are the perfect dog treat for smaller dogs who love to chew! A knee cap, also known as a patella, is a fat, circular-triangular bone which articulates with the femur (thigh bone).
In young cattle the knee caps start off as cartilage and as they grow it will ossify, becoming bone. Thus, the texture and “chew” of the Knee Capz will make a nice change for your dog from a regular bone.
Single ingredient, all-natural, grass-fed, free range, American cattle knee caps are slow roasted giving them a delicious, natural flavor that dogs can’t resist. You can rest assured your pup is getting a safe, natural and delicious dog chew with no added flavors, colors, preservatives or chemicals. A different shape and an interesting chew. This treat is sure to be one of your pup’s favorite chew bone! Each one of our Knee Capz is about 2.5 – 3 inches in diameter.

No need to refrigerate, but please use within 6 months to ensure freshness.

An order of Knee Capz is for one or five pieces, each about 2.5 – 3 inch long of a knee cap chew bone. Because this is a natural treat, its sizing, color and appearance may vary—this is normal.

# of Pieces

1, 3, 5

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