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A jar full of dehydrated powdered beef protein specifically designed to improve the health and quality of life for all sizes of dogs.

Keep jar closed and dry.

An order of Protein-D includes your choice of a single glass jar containing 1.75oz or 3.5oz nutrients.

Dogs need essential amino acids found in protein in order to thrive, protein provides energy and builds strong muscles, bones, and joints.

It’s not the amount of protein in a dog’s diet that is important, but the digestibility and bioavailability of amino acids. Often, high-protein, meat-based dog foods include protein sources that are neither highly digestible nor bioavailable to your dog. Unused protein ferments and goes into fecal matter, making your dog’s solid waste stinkier.

Our protein is sourced from a ranch in Nebraska and comes from ground beef lungs, liver and muscles which are roasted, dehydrated and then ground into a fine powder. This product is dairy, soy and grain-free but definitely not vegan and SUPER digestible for your pup!

High quality protein sources is very important, but so are quality sources of grains or vegetables and fats. Vitamins and minerals should round out the list.

Caution: if your dog has kidney disease or is very old and sedentary it’s best not to include added protein to their diet.

Protein Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein > 60%, Crude Fat > 8%, Crude Fiber < 1%, Moisture < 15%

See our 2 companion products: ProMin-D and Mineral Lickz.

How to use: Put a spoonful in your dog’s food daily. A small spoon for a small dog and larger spoon for a bigger dog. If your dog is a growing pup or you have a nursing mother increase the dosage a little. At BuddysBonz, we sprinkle Protein-D directly over kibbles.

Keep the lid to the jar closed to keep dry. No need to refrigerate or freeze.

An order of Protein-D is for your choice of either 1.75oz or 3.5oz beef protein powder in a glass mason jar.

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