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Beefimalz – bag

Beefimalz – bag


Animal crackers, like you knew and loved as a kid, hand-dipped in our own delicious all-natural beef gravy. These crisp dog treats become soft and easy to eat once in the mouth and are perfect for young pups and senior dogs who don’t have many teeth or who have dental issues.

Keep cool and dry in a jar or a sealed bag no need to refrigerate.

1 Package of Beefimalz averages about 20 crackers per Bag

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Our Beefimalz are the ideal treat for puppies or older dogs who may not have many teeth or are struggling with dental issues. We make a homemade beef broth gravy, and drizzle it over both sides of each animal cracker, ensuring a deliciously beefy bite in every cookie. Then the Beefimalz go in the smokers to crisp them up and put a little smoky flavor on them.

BUDDY’S BONUS TIP: Some of our biggest customers for BuddysBonz Beefimalz are dog trainers who break off small pieces to use as training “Bait”

Keep in a cool and dry place like in a jar or sealed bag. No refrigeration needed. Please use within 6 months to ensure freshness

Each of our Beefimalz cookies are about 1.25 inches tall by 1 inch wide.

An order of Beefimalz cookies comes with 20 delicious Beefimalz dog treats to a bag.

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