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Buddyz Butter

Buddyz Butter


8 oz. of 100% organic and natural, no chemicals or preservatives, just tasty peanut butter. Buddy’s very own blend of organic peanut butter we grind ourselves and organic, unrefined cold pressed coconut oil. Put a scoop inside our Bonz, smear some on Buddys Ribz, or drop a dollop on one our Cheekz or on kibble. It is great on almost anything!

No refrigeration needed.

An order of Buddyz Butter includes a single 8 oz jar of organic peanut butter.

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Buddyz Butter is a healthy and delicious addition to any treat or meal for your buddy! Our premium peanut butter for dogs is made of only two all-natural ingredients: organic peanuts and tasty organic coconut oil. We grind our own peanuts to make the Butter, adding Coconut Oil to make it spreadable and adding extra nutrition to the Butter. Coconut is good for the skin and coats of dogs, good for the teeth and gums, and is good for the digestion. Plus, it helps preserve the ground peanuts in our Buddyz Butter, a win-win all round.

We LOVE the taste of our Buddyz Butter BUT please remember this is a DOG treat not a people treat!

BUDDY’S BONUS TIP: Use Buddyz Butter to fill treats such as our Shortz, Hornz or Bonz, to spread on top of treats such as our Ribz. Also, hide pills in a small spoonful of Buddyz Butter or add a dollop/spoonful to kibbles to perk them up and add a little more nutrition.

NO salt or sugar, as you often find in other butters, even the organic brands. And, of course we never add any chemicals or preservatives, only TWO delicious, high-quality ingredients your dog is sure to love!

● Organic Peanuts
● Organic, cold pressed, virgin, unrefined Coconut Oil
● Nothing else!

No need to refrigerate.

An order of Buddyz Butter includes a single 8 oz jar of organic peanut butter.

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