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Moose Antler Splitz

Moose Antler Splitz


Our Moose Antler Premium Dog Chews are natural, healthy and tasty, a great, long lasting treat good for the teeth and a natural source of calcium and other nutrients. And, of course the antlers are a single ingredient dog treat.

Sourced in Maine, Moose Antlers are non-splintering, have little to no odor, and don’t make a mess. Our Moose Antler Splitz offer a safer, natural alternative to rubber, rawhide and other messy dog treats and have a taste dogs love.

The Antler Splitz are a cut through a tine to make slightly easier chewing and are preferred by some dogs as they can get right to the “heart” of the antler. Made of solid bone, our antlers are very high quality, freshly shed and varying shades of brown in color.

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Product Information

Our Moose Antler Premium Dog Chews are 100% natural dog chews, that are sourced and hand-cut in Maine. No animals were harmed in the making of these chews as the male moose naturally drop their antlers every winter.  which means all of our Moose Antlerz grew on wild, free-range moose. This results in a great product that was produced 100% cruelty-free. We source our antlers from Maine, where our “shed hunters” use ATVs, snowshoes, and snowmobiles to find and collect moose antlers that are laying on the forest floor.

Our Moose Antler Splitz are created by slicing through an antler which results in a chew with a flat open top and a rounded back. This creates slightly easier chewing which is preferred by many dogs as they can get to the “heart” of the antler immediately as opposed to a solid tine. If your dog prefers a solid tine, please see our Moose Antler Tinez. 

These dog chews are a natural source of calcium, zinc manganese and potassium and will help aide in your dog’s tartar control. We do not add any additional ingredients to these chews, they are non-splintering, and they create no mess or odor. These chews are also a great way to keep tartar and plaque from building up on your dogs teeth.

Keep in Mind

-This is a good chew treat for a larger dog.

-Always supervise your dog while enjoying their chews!

-Moose Antler Splitz requires no special storage treatment and your pet enjoy them indoors or out.

-Please see our other Antler item: Moose Antler Tinez if you would like a solid antler tine

-An order of Moose Antlers includes one piece of antler on average 9 inches long by 1 -2 inches in diameter.

-Because this is a natural treat, its sizing, color, and appearance may vary—this is normal.

*Due to heavy demand on this item we are limiting orders to 2 pieces for the current time. Thank you!

Buddy’s Bonus Tip

Moose Antlerz Splits are easy to spread peanut butter (think Buddyz Butter!) or soft cheese on to ramp up the excitement. The more porous side of the Antler splits will retain a topping quite well.



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