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Bucket Bitz – bag

Bucket Bitz – bag


These bags are filled with the goodies we have from making our products. We used to keep them all to oursleves as our dogs loed them but now we have enough at diffdernt times to sell these “bits” as well. Each bag has a mix of smaller “sprinkles” and a some larger pieces to give as treats.

Keep cool and dry in a jar or a sealed bag no need to refrigerate.

A bag of Bucket Bitz averages about 8 ounces per Bag

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Our Bucket Bitz are bags full of the lovely scraps and bits we have when we process our bones and make our other products. When we started BuddysBonz we kept all these bits for our gang but now we have grown and often have more than our dogs can eat. We used to offer these bags at events when we had enough to do so. By customer request we are now offering them online when we have them in stock!  As this is a special product it will only be available we have enough “bits” to bag up AFTER we keep enough for our dogs! In the bags you will find a random mix of small and slightly larger pieces some to sprinkle in food bowls and some slightly larger which can be given as little treats. The contents are mostly beef but depending on what we are making there could be some chicken, lamb or pork. All these pieces come from our own products as we make them. the largest pieces will not be about an inches or so in size.

Keep in a cool and dry place like in a jar or sealed bag. No refrigeration needed. Please use within 6 months to ensure freshness

Each of our Bucket Bitz bags are filled with about 8 ounces of bits.

An order of Bucket Bitz is for a single bag with a random fill of smaller and slightly larger pieces.

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